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Experience real Japanese fireworks
and true traditional culture!

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What is "the Japanese FIREWORKS tour"?

Experience traditional Japanese culture and the beauty of Japanese fireworks.

Learn about the excellence of Japanese fireworks, their unique characteristics, and the unique craftsmanship. Experience the differences between Japanese fireworks compared to those in your own country.

  • hanabi
  • Why go on a fireworks trip?

    Japanese fireworks showcase techniques that distinguish them from those in other countries.

    The core of each firework expands from a single ball into a perfect circle with multiple layers, each layer changing colors beautifully before disappearing. This beauty is a testament to the skill of Japanese pyrotechnicians and the pride they take.

    Japan’s hanabi taikai culture involves people gathering to admire the beauty of the fireworks. This lasts for an hour or two. Most people have seen fireworks, but few know the techniques and mechanisms behind their beauty. Our goal is to share the true charm of Japanese fireworks and the culture, passed down through generations, with people around the world.

Experience the lifestyle and culture of a unique region
that can only be fully appreciated by visiting.

Experience the lifestyle and culture developed based on the local climate and environment. These connections are also reflected in the local cuisine, economy, and way of life.

  • hanabi
  • Experience the Community as it is.

    In regions of Japan where fireworks displays are common, local cultures have developed due to the climate. We will showcase aspects of daily life, including food, lifestyle, and industry. Our goal is to provide an authentic experience.

Experience the tour before your trip to Japan.

Our online community is exclusively available to tour participants. We eagerly awaiting your arrival.

  • hanabi
  • Experience the tour before visiting Japan.

    Japanese fireworks and local resources are closely related to Japanese traditions and culture.
    We have prepared a variety of content for you to enjoy and enhance your experience.
    Start your tour now!

  • ❊ Get to know the local area before joining the tour!

    When you visit Japan, what places will you go to, what experiences will you have, and what people will you meet? We have content to help you visualize your trip. The tour is an opportunity to experience what you have imagined.

  • ❊ Interact with locals before joining the tour!

    If you register for the tour, we will arrange online seminars and social events with pyrotechnicians and community members beforehand. Feel free to join.

  • ❊ Before joining the tour, you will already have a group of friends to travel with.

    We will provide a community for tour participants to communicate with each other before the trip. Even if you are traveling alone, you may make friends from different countries at your destination. After the tour, we hope you will continue to share memories and impressions with others who share your interests.

Learn about Japanese fireworks!

Since 2018, we have collaborated with Youtuber John Daub to showcase the beauty of Japanese fireworks on his YouTube channel, ONLY in JAPAN. Watch the documentary video featuring John Daub's stunning fireworks displays, including detailed explanations of the production process, preparation, and the show.

  • 00:00
    Giant Firework Sizes & Details
    World's Largest Firework Shell, YONSHAKUDAMA
    Fireworks Factory, How it's Made
    Loading the Firework Shells
    Setting up the Launch Site
    Japanese Fireworks Culture & History
    Fireworks Launch Event
    Large Shell Fireworks Launch
  • Comment by John Daub

  • John Daub
  • Seeing the Japanese countryside is very hard for many international tourists because trains and transportation are very limited, not a lot of information is available like in Tokyo or Kyoto. It's hard to know where to go with 47 prefectures available, so my goal is to open up new places to visitors that show the friendly rural side of Japan through events like fireworks, food and people. This is the Japan so many search for and I'm so happy to be able to introduce it to them with these bus tours.

Participant Reviews

  • Reviewer

    I feel like I got the authentic countryside experience. I moved to Japan to have such experiences and I feel really grateful. I enjoyed meeting the local people at the street food market, they were very friendly. I won't forget this trip :)

  • Reviewer

    I loved everything about this trip, right from the fireworks to the street food and koi farm. I loved meeting the local people and of course also my fellow only in japan travellers. I've lived in japan for a year and this is one of the best and most memorable trips so far.

  • Reviewer

    You could really feel the spirit and love put in by the locals. I felt very honored to be able to enjoy such a special event they worked so hard to prepare.

  • Reviewer

    It feels so authentic, everything. The food made by the okaasans, the craftsmanship of the fireworks, the atmosphere. Everything about the koi day was super unforgettable too.

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