IDEYA plans and produces advertisements and events
that incorporate fireworks.
We create new value
by connecting fireworks
with various content and people,
and help produce events
using fireworks.

Japanese fireworks have been made for over 400 years by skilled Japanese craftsmen who have passed on their advanced techniques and knowledge. These fireworks create stunning flowers in the nighttime sky, which are a rarity elsewhere in the world. A solitary firework shot expands into a flawless circle in the sky, transitioning colors in layers, and then suddenly vanishing. The elegance and precision of this process are an art form and part of Japan's proud traditional culture, which they have happily shared with the world. We are dedicated to passing on this culture to future generations by promoting its value and magnificence domestically as well as internationally. Additionally, we will continue to introduce fireworks more widely to people both in Japan and abroad to ensure this cultural legacy endures.


  • Private Fireworks
  • Private Fireworks More Accessible

    Have you heard of private fireworks?
    These are fireworks that people buy and set off for themselves or their group, often for special occasions like weddings and proposals. To help people enjoy private fireworks more easily, we made a service that lets people order fireworks online from our nationwide firework store network, even if they don't know much about them.

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  • the Japanese FIREWORKS Tour
  • the Japanese FIREWORKS Tour

    Fireworks are the spiritual home of the Japanese people and an important part of their traditional culture. Each fireworks area has its own unique traditional culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.
    In our tours, we have prepared various contents so that you can deepen your knowledge and interact with pyrotechnicians and local people before you go on the tour to learn more about these traditional cultures. The various knowledge and interactions learned in advance will make the "as-is" experience on the actual tour more memorable.

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Fireworks Classes

Discover the inner workings of fireworks with a pyrotechnician.
You'll learn about how fireworks function, their different names, and how they're made in the factory. Slide presentations and online factory tours will be available. Additionally, there will be workshops focused on creating sparklers and toy fireworks. Through hands-on learning, an entirely new dimension of the fireworks world will be unveiled.

  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene
  • Classroom scene

Fireworks for Foreigners

We provide exclusive firework presentations for international visitors and foreign residents to relish Japanese fireworks.
Once we receive a request for fireworks from overseas, we choose a location and ignite the fireworks. If you cannot visit the location, we stream the fireworks live on Youtube for you to perceive them in real-time. We read messages in advance and write them on balls. These balls are then read aloud to the audience as the fireworks are launched.

  • making fireworks making fireworks
  • making fireworks
  • making fireworks
Examples of Fireworks for Foreigners
  • The American Youtuber John Dove's community mostly conducted the crowdfunding, while the Omagari Fireworks Autumn Chapter in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture, Japan, hosted the ONLY in JAPAN Fireworks Show in October. During the fireworks' launch, John Dove provided a live feed.

  • Ten people (including groups) applied to launch shakudama through the same crowdfunding campaign. Each ball had messages attached to it that were sent during the application process. The launch took place in Katakai-cho, Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture and John Dove broadcasted it live.

  • Foreign crowd-funded fireworks were set off in Nagano, Japan.

  • As in the prior year, 13 people submitted requests for personal shaku-dama launches. Messages were attached to the balls before being launched. The event took place in Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture in November.


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